Kansas City
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Systems In Step With the Times
Over the years, SYSCO has embraced advances in technology to improve the systems we use to serve our customers.
Not only have these technological advances made it possible for us to make our own operation more efficient, but they have also made helpful information more readily accessible to assist our customers and suppliers alike.
One such technological advance is the implementation of the SYSCO Uniform System, or SUS, which provides automatic detailed monitoring of our daily operations - delivering business-critical information to SYSCO employees whenever they need it. This, in turn, allows us to become faster and more efficient in responding to customers' needs.
Another customer-focused system is the SYSCO Warehouse Management System, referred to as SWMS (pronounced "swims"). This system allows us to keep track of our customers' orders through every step of the process. It increases our ability to accurately fill orders on time, and to correct any mistake before it becomes a problem. SYSCO.com is another great product information resource. Users can log on and view detailed product information and photographs. Customers can even use the site to obtain recipes and valuable business-building tips that have been developed to help them increase profitability.
SYSCO's Internet ordering and reporting system, eSYSCO, is easy and efficient to use. Our Internet browser interface offers the most accurate pricing and warehouse inventory data available. An inventory management and menu-planning module is also available as a customer option. eSYSCO allows customer access to products, pricing and inventory data.