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Design for the Environment (DfE) is the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency's project for green product development. Through improved formulations, SYSCO's Chemical Department now has 15 DfE-recognized products that meet stringent standards for environmental sensitivity. To view SYSCO's products (available to the foodservice industry in February 2005) on the EPA DfE site,click here.
NSF International publishes The NSF White Book, a “Listing of USDA Authorized and NSF Registered Proprietary Substances and Nonfood Compounds”. To go to their website and view the list of SYSCO brand chemical products that have been registered with NSF, click here.
The International Sanitary Supply Association is an international trade association of more than 4,700 companies in the cleaning and maintenance industry. SYSCO Corporation is a member company and supports their activities. To visit the ISSA website, click here.
Ecolab is a key partner with SYSCO, providing dispensed warewash products and service, and other chemical products, to our customers under both the Ecolab and the Keystone label. To go to the Ecolab website, click here.